About the Graduate School of Project Design

Master’s Course

(1) Business Management

This course nurtures advanced business professionals who can promote specific business projects in such service industries as commerce and distribution. Through offering guidance on how to develop concrete business plans, the course aims at fostering individuals who will not only be able to create a business idea or concept but will also be able to create a workable business plan and see it through to implementation.

(2) Spatial Design

The design of any ‘space’ involves taking into consideration not merely its concrete and visible form. It requires a concept, a plan, a method, and measures to create the form. Through human social and economic activities, and research that unearths the historical and cultural framework that lie behind the activities, this program also aims at developing individuals who can pioneer and produce new businesses for the coming future.

(3) Business Planning

One of the purposes of the Graduate School of Project Design is to promote regional development through the creation of businesses. This program offers education and research and guidance in formulating concrete plans, in particular in connection with people’s lifestyles, with local industry, with regional planning and development, with social services like welfare, and with the hospitality and tourism industries.

(4) Information Design

The development of information systems is an important issue for national and local governments, academic institutions, and companies. Essential aspects of the system development include the design and implementation of infrastructure, functional and non-functional design of the system, requirement engineering, coding, quality control, and project management. This program develops professionals who understand both technical and management views of information design.

Doctoral Course

(1) Industrial and Business Systems

This division features research related to management and law connected with, for example, commerce and tourism, as well as the engineering of information systems and the construction of facilities. It also offers multi-faceted instruction that incorporates further investigation into industrial and business systems.

(2) Community and Social Systems

This division features various projects including related to the overall planning of a community, local community spaces, and information systems. It also offers a comprehensive system of education that can meet the various challenges of the community.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to engage in education, research and social activities in relation to advanced and specialized knowledge, skills and policy issues of project design in the community.

Educational Objectives

To nurture advanced professionals who will function as experts in business management and business planning and the design of spaces and information systems.

Features of education / Graduate School of Project Design

(1) Provides education to advanced professionals.
(2) Provides practical education for all programs in close cooperation with local industries.
(3) Focuses on training in research skills, in particular for those aspiring to become researchers.
(4) Provides support for the acquisition of related qualifications (e.g., Certified Public Accountant, Tax Accountant, First-Class Architect, and Software Development Engineer).

Admission Policy / Graduate School of Project Design

The Master’s Course in the Graduate School of Project Design accepts individuals with a strong desire to maximize their knowledge and skills related to project design.
The Doctoral Course in the Graduate School of Project Design accepts individuals who have specialized knowledge or advanced experience related to project design, and who possess a strong desire to study further in their own particular area of expertise.